Textile advisory

With more than 30 years of experience working in the textile industry we built a strong team of textile experts able to support you in order to achieve successfully your most challenging projects.

Are you a spinning mill?

Our experts will advise you on which fiber to chose and how to get it. They will also be able to introduce you the most innovative fibers in the market.

Our team of textile engineer will advise you how to work with the fiber and will guide you during all the process of the spinning as well as to choose the right machinery to get the best yarns.

Are you a weaver or a knitter?

Our experts will advise you on which yarn you should use and will show you what are the most innovative and efficient yarns in the market in order to step forward your competitors.

Moreover, our textile engineers will be able to guide you along the line to get the best machineries in order to use your yarn efficiently.

Are you producing finished or printed fabrics, garments or other finished products?

First of all, our team will help you chose the right fabrics weather you need softness, resistance, anti-uv or else.

We will find you the right fabric rather it comes from Italy, Portugal, India, Peru or anywhere else in the world.

Then, our group of young and talented designers will be there to advise you or create new innovative designs for your products. Putting all this knowledge together, it will lead you at the fore front of your industry.

We are dedicated to our customers for more than 30 years. All our knowledge will be shared so you won’t be able only to create what you want to but also to innovate. Innovation is the key of success in all the chain of the textile industry. So do not hesitate to ask for our advices.

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