Cotton And Synthetic Blend Yarns

Cotton and synthetic blend yarns

Polyester/CottonNe 6 To Ne 60Polyester/Cotton Yarns for the end use of weaving and knitting. Different blends are possible 52/48 Polyester/cotton, 50/50 Polyester/cotton, 65/35 Polyester/cotton, 40/60 Polyester/cotton (CVC). Single or multi fold is also possible.
Cotton/modalNE 6 To Ne 60Cotton/modal yarns available in 50/50% or 65/35%. Single or multi fold is also possible.
Polyester/ViscoseNe 6 to Ne 40Polyester/ Viscose yarns for end use of knitting and weaving. Various blends are possible like 65/35 Polyester/ Viscose, 60/40 Polyester/ Viscose, 50/50 Polyester/Viscose. Single or multi fold is also possible.

RWe can supply multifold yarns in 2 ply, 3 ply upto 10 ply as per required twist (Soft & Hard twist both).

RWe can supply synthetic dope dyed yarns also as per required color shade card.

RYarns are also available on dyeing cones.

RTexturised yarns are supplied with intermingled points: Non IM, Soft IM, Stong IM.

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