Our Vision

Silver International focuses on the innovation and excellence of products, enlarging market scope, with a low-cost sourcing, along with new projects in order to keep a leader role in all activities of the business.

Offering innovative products

Offering new and innovative products to our customers enables us to have a step forward compared to our competitors. We believe that providing satisfaction to our customers is not enough. We always seek new opportunities in order to offer latest technology products. This strategy leads us to stay acquainted to a fast moving worldwide trends.

Low-cost sourcing strategy

Our strategic work and experience has build over the years a wide network enabling us to source our products from the best reliable suppliers but at the best possible costs in the market. Our international presence enables us to source in an efficient costly way by using geopolitical arbitrage, long-term relations and volumes advantages. We are committed to support our customers by offering the best market prices.


Excellence and high quality of products

Our aim is to offer top quality products and service inspiring excellence. We believe that only high quality will enable our company to progress and retain the fidelity of our customers. Indeed, we challenge ourselves everyday to bring higher quality value to our products for getting closer to perfection.

New projects

Silver International has an energetic and innovating attitude that motivates the company to seek for new opportunities, new projects in order to evolve with a fast moving world. We are always seeking for new challenges in order to evolve and grow with our time.

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