Synthetic Yarns

Polyester yarns can be offered with special fibers such as: high tenacity, FR, green or recycled in semi dull or optical bright.

Synthetic Yarns

100% Viscose Auto CoroNe20/1 to Ne30/1Knitting & weaving
100% Viscose (ring spun, air-jet and vortex)Ne 6 to Ne 40100% Viscose yarns made for knitting or weaving use. The yarn is made with top quality viscose fibre. Possible to offer viscose yarns which are Ring Spun and also Open End. Viscose fibers available: Rayon, Modal, lyocel and bamboo
100% Polyester (ring spun)Ne 6 to Ne 40Yarns made from 100% polyester fiber for weaving or knitting use. Single or multi fold polyester yarns are possible.
Polyester/Viscose (ring spun)Ne 6 to Ne 40Polyester/ Viscose yarns for end use of knitting and weaving. Various blends are possible like 65/35 Polyester/ Viscose, 60/40 Polyester/ Viscose, 50/50 Polyester/Viscose. Single or multi fold is also possible.
100% Polyester Texturised75/36 to 600/144Various deniers and filaments are possible for polyester filament yarns also known as DTY or PTY. Ply 1-4

RWe can supply multifold yarns in 2 ply, 3 ply upto 10 ply as per required twist (Soft & Hard twist both).

RWe can supply synthetic dope dyed yarns also as per required color shade card.

RYarns are also available on dyeing cones.

RTexturised yarns are supplied with intermingled points: Non IM, Soft IM, Stong IM.

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